Pest control services


Cockroach disinfestation

The process of insect repellence is carried out in a completely safe manner, using only formulations approved by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Disinsection is carried out using low-pressure sprayers and formulations in the form of gel for areas requiring attention.


Rat disinfestation

In order to combat rodents it is necessary first, to thoroughly record the problem. For this purpose, ready-to-use baits are used in the form of paste or cubes. The baits are safely placed in special bait stations with a key, whose control and consumption recording is undertaken by our company. In this way control of rodents is achieved.


Mosquito repelling

To control the mosquito population a very important factor is the absence of still water near the affected areas. For the purpose of combating them, homes and gardens are sprayed using fogers.


Flea repelling

The presence of fleas in inhabited areas is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant experiences. To combat them, special knock-down formulations are used in combination with the use of growth-regulating formulations that prevent the creation of new fleas.


Disinfestation of wood-carving insects (Woodworm etc.)

Successful control of wood-carving insects is done by the fumigation process. For this process gas phosphine (PH3) is used after strict safety measures and marking of the space. At the end of the application and once the space has been fully ventilated, it is checked by the responsible scientist and the space is given back for use.


Repelling of snakes,lizards etc.

In Kefalonia the existence of poisonous snakes is rare. However, the appearance of a snake in a residential area creates panic. Repellent formulations are used, in the form of a liquid or a solid, around the area that needs protection leaving though an escape route for reptiles.

In addition to the above, we also repel flies and various other bugs.